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History, Future. Now has undergone a major facelift- check it out

History, Future. Now has just completed a major upgrade, making it even easier to find and read content. It is amazing to see how good WordPress, the underlying software, has become, allowing the personal musings of a busy CEO to look as professional as that of a major newspaper. Check it out at http://www.futurehistorynow.com Advertisements

New articles: American exceptionalism, Artificial meat, Renewables and society, Emigration’s benefits.

History, Future. Now is on holiday and so will be writing less frequently.  There are some meaty subjects, however, that he intends to write about: “Why the American myth of exceptionalism damages her future” –  America’s founding myths are clouding its understanding of how America became successful.  This is a clear example of how a … Continue reading

What the Roman Empire can teach us about the benefits of immigration

Amy Chua is a Yale University history professor who gave a speech in 2008 about the five Hyper Powers that have existed in history.  The main thrust of her thesis is that societies that are open and tolerant of other people’s belief systems and customs were more successful than those that did not simply because … Continue reading

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