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Go to college so you can afford to pay your college debts

Thanks to Post Growth Institute for the cartoon. Advertisements

Population growth, a disaster in the making

The world’s population increased by another billion people between 1999 and 2011, to hit 7 billion. When History, Future. Now’s father was born, in 1930, the population was just 2 billion. By 2050 the world is expected to add between two and three new Indias and Chinas bringing the total to 9.3 to 11 billion. … Continue reading

Generation Screwed: how the youth of today are being screwed by the baby boomers

History, Future. Now. frequently posts articles about the increasing generational divide between the Baby Boomer generation who are now hitting retirement age and the Millennial generation who have recently graduated from university. The Daily Beast has a hard hitting article this week that focuses on some of the issues: How has this generation been screwed? … Continue reading

Stanford researchers produce first complete computer model of an organism

Markus Covert, assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford University had a significant announcement to make this week: In a breakthrough effort for computational biology, the world’s first complete computer model of an organism has been completed, Stanford researchers reported last week in the journal Cell. A team used data from more than 900 scientific papers to … Continue reading

SpaceX: private space vehicle supplies the Space Station and brings engineering talent back to Earth

Elon Musk is a pretty exceptional individual: he was the founder of PayPal, which has transformed the financial services sector, was the founder of Tesla Motors, which is producing some of the most exciting motor vehicles in history and was the founder of SpaceX, which is the private sector space vehicle company that the US … Continue reading

Transcript: Schmidt and Thiel smackdown – Fortune Tech

Very interesting, wide ranging discussion between Eric Scmidt and Peter Theil on 16 July 2012 about the past, present and future of technology and its impacts on society and government. Peter’s views on education are pretty similar to those expressed by History, Future. Now. here: We have a bubble in education.  If there’s anything in … Continue reading

Map of history’s most influential thinkers

Bredan Griffen has produced an incredible image / map of how the most influential thinkers have impacted each other, which is perfect for Future, History. Now. which is a website focused on looking how the past influences the present and how the present will influence the future. Aristotle, Plato, Kant, Hegel, Nietche, Marx are obviously influential.  Stephen … Continue reading

Migrant Workers in China Face Competition from Robots – Technology Review

iPhone manufacturer Foxcon is planning to switch many of the repetitive tasks done by its labour force in China to being done by robots.  This could be politically even more problematic for them than the rash of suicides at the company’s factories over the past 12 months:  China’s government needs jobs in order to maintain … Continue reading

China’s 12th Five Year Plan has clean energy at its heart. Why dont we even have a plan?

China has now a year into its 12th 5 Year Plan (2011-2015), which has low carbon growth as the heart of its economic, political and social strategy in a way that no other major country has done to date.  China now has more wind energy installed and produces more solar photovoltaic panels than any other … Continue reading

More expensive Coca Cola and global warming

As the UK goes through one of the wettest summers in recorded history, the US is experiencing one of the driest, with serious drought widespread across the continent and has allowed the US Agriculture Department to declare a natural disaster, enabling farmers to claim US government aid relief. The U.S. Agriculture Department has issued a … Continue reading

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