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History, Future. Now has undergone a major facelift- check it out

History, Future. Now has just completed a major upgrade, making it even easier to find and read content. It is amazing to see how good WordPress, the underlying software, has become, allowing the personal musings of a busy CEO to look as professional as that of a major newspaper. Check it out at http://www.futurehistorynow.com Advertisements

What is History, Future. Now. all about?

History, Future. Now. is a website devoted to putting current events into a historical and future context. When we look back in time we have the benefit of seeing how each historical event laid the foundations of the next historical event. History looks neat and later events inevitable.

This neatness is an illusion. Past historical events had thousands of possible outcomes which could have set us on a radically different path and there is a whole cannon of alternative histories that look into these outcomes in more depth.

Nevertheless, there are major themes in history that result in inevitable outcomes. This website looks at these themes and tries to project them into the future, referring to the present as nothing but a continuation of the past and the future as nothing but a continuation of the present.

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Lumicity is a renewable energy development company focusing on solar, wind and biomass projects founded by the author of History, Future. Now. If you are a farmer or commercial property owner Lumicity can provide you with rental income in exchange for using your land for installing a solar or wind turbine scheme.

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Kate Fischer is an award winning architect who also takes art commissions. If you are looking for a great present for a loved one why not get Kate to draw or paint a picture of your house? Go to Chiltern Architecture Studio for more information.

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